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Laser cutting


We purchased an Amada Ensis 4020 6kw laser with automatic loading tower capable of cutting very large workpieces up to 12 feet long by 6 feet wide and 1 inch thick.

Dimensions of our tables:
Laser: 80 "x 160"

Metal thicknesses:
Laser (steel and stainless steel): 0.002 "to 1"

Laser (aluminum): 0.002 "to 1"

Laser (steel and stainless steel only): depth from 0.0003 "to 0.0005" with beam width of 0.014 "


Our latest hydraulic shears


Allows us to cut sheet metal up to 12 feet in length (stainless steel, aluminum and steel) and up to 3/16 "thick


Water jet / Plasma and Oxygen cutting


Dimensions of the tables:

  • Water jet : 96 X 144"

  • Plasma and oxygen cutting : 144 x 970"


Thickness of metals:

  • Plasma (all metals) : 0,125" to 3"

  • Water jet (all metals) : 0,030" to 9".

  • Oxygen cutting (steel only) : 0,500" to 9"



  • Plasma (steel and stainless steel only) : depth of 0,005" à 0,012" with beam width of 0,060". Take note that in the case of engraving on stainless steel, Pliage Maska only provides the service for the material provided by the customer.


Angle cut:

  • Steel and stainless steel only. For stainless steel, the service is offered to the material provided by the customer only.

  • Maximum angle of cut : plasma ± 45o For the manual angle cutter, ± 75o.

  • Tolerance on cutting angle : ± 1o

  • Tolerance on cutting : ± 0,060"

  • Cutting thickness:  up to 2,50" whit plasma. For the manual angle cutter, up to 6 po. * Note: the cut thickness is actually the length of the cut line. The higher the cutting angle required, the longer the line or tangent length will be.


Laser cutting of tubes:

  • Chuck capacity :  9,875 po. (round tubes), 8 po. (square tubes) and 8 x 6 po. (rectangular tubes).

  • Chuck capacity (angles and ¨U¨ shape profiles) : 4 po. X 8 po.

  • Cutting thickness (maximum): Steel (0,250¨), stainless steel (0,250¨) and aluminum (0,187¨).

  • Automatic loading capacity (length): Min. 128 po. and max. 360 po.

  • Loss to the chuck by tube: 6 po.

  • Maximum acceptable total weight: 700 lbs. (23 lbs/pi. for tubes and13 lbs/pi. for extrusions). The maximum thickness of 0.250'' must be taken into account when calculating the maximum weight.

  • * Please note that our laser cutting is outsourced

We have a versatile punching shear


ideal for punching profiles or installing small punches.

  • Punching (power 800 kN)

  • notching

  • Shears for L-sections (1500 kN power)

  • Shears for flat irons

  • Shear for round bars ø, and square

Punching is much cheaper and faster compared to drilling.